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Making your own homemade candles is a lot easier than you think. It’s not as tedious and complicated as it looks. It’s an exciting craft that’s easy to get started with some basic tools and a few candle supplies. Whether you want to start your own business or simply for a hobby, the procedures for a basic candle are pretty much the same. Here are steps you can follow to make your basic scented homemade candle:

  1. Prepare all necessary materials in making scented homemade candles. You’ll need candle molds, wax, wicks, double boiler, candy thermometer, scented oil or dye. To save on costs, you may use paper cups, muffin pans and any other type of container that can give an amazing shape to your candles. If you’re just starting, it’s suggested that you use paraffin wax as they’re affordable and readily available at any candle supply store. The amount of wax and wicks you’ll purchase depends on the number of candles you want to make. Also prepare the wick by cutting it around 2-3 inches longer than the height of your candle mold.
  2. When you’ve got everything you need at hand, move on to preparing the wax. Melt the wax at a double boiler. For beginners, you do this by boiling water over a large pot and then placing a smaller pot inside which is used for melting wax. This is the safest way to melting wax as it ensures that it doesn’t catch fire. If you have big chunks of wax, make them small using a serrated knife before melting them. Using a candy thermometer, make sure that the temperature of the wax doesn’t exceed 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Once the wax melts, you may now add the scented oils or dye. You need to use oils specially designed for candle making. For an average sized candle, you may use 30ml or 1/8 of a cup. Stir in the scented oil and dye into the wax. Mix it well until everything is well distributed and the color is thoroughly consistent. Remove it from heat and set it aside.
  4. Quickly prepare your mold or candle container. Spray your mold with peanut oil or silicone spray so that the candle doesn’t get out of shape when removed from the mold.
  5. Now it’s time to pour in the wax to your molds or containers. Remember to leave about an inch from the top, don’t fill the mold completely. Before the wax hardens, insert the wick. To do this, tie the top of the wick around a pencil and rest the pencil over the top of your mold. Others suggest that you hold the wick while pouring the melted wax. You can use a clothes’ pin to hold up the wick while you’re pouring in the wax. See which method best works for you. Keep in mind that you need to keep the wick straight when making homemade candles.
  6. Finally, let the wax cool down. When the mold is large, the candle often shrinks in the center of the mold. If this happens, you can add in more wax to reach the height of the surrounding wax or you can use a hair dryer to smooth out any divots. A small candle may harden in just 3-4 hours while a bigger one may need 8-12 hours to solidify. Only remove the candle from the mold when it’s hard enough. If you encounter problems getting the candle out, use a knife to go around the edges.

Making candles is that simple. When you gain more experience in making homemade candles, you’ll be able to express your creativity more effectively. You can adorn candles with different embellishments or add your favorite fragrance to your candle. You may even study how to carve unique designs into the wax candle for extra enhancements. You can also purchase dried flowers and potpourri and mix them into the wax for an attractive design. The possibilities are just endless. Try making your own candle today.



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Homemade candles

Making homemade candles is one of the best start-up business ideas which can also be fun at the same time. You can put your ingenuity and creativity to work by creating various types of candles such as gel candles, floating candles, dinner candles or aromatherapy candles and even generating profits from such inventiveness. Candles never go out of season. They’re normally used for many different occasions that you’ll never run out of buyers.   They’re definitely an excellent choice if you want to start-up a small business.

Even though it seems like an easy business to manage, there are some tips that can help boost your candle sales and the business as a whole: 

1. When you’re starting a small candle business, it’ll be to your advantage if you choose to concentrate on a small number of candle varieties to produce. Manufacturing a few products at first will help you develop and perfect your own line of candles which is rather an essential step to a successful business. Do you want to focus on making gel candles, aromatherapy candles, soy candles, painted candles or hand-dipped candles? In this way, you’ll also be able to target a specific market and create a following from that client base.

2. Pack your candles attractively. Packaging is key to more product sales. The more attractive and pleasant the packaging is, the more revenue you’ll expect to generate. Think of how you can present your candles appealingly and in an interesting way. You can utilize decorated boxes or plastic, fabric sacks, recycled paper and some pretty ribbons. Consider materials which reflect the candles themselves. For instance, if you’re making gel candles, clear plastic and red bows will do the work for you.

3. As a start-up candle business, it’s important that you scour for the cheapest yet the best suppliers you can get to help you with your business. Once your business takes off, you’ll need more candle supplies as you’re likely to make more candles. Meet up with suppliers and inquire if you can avail discounted prices if you buy by the bulk. You’ll surely save more money for other business materials or needs. It’s always best to look for local suppliers because you no longer need to add up shipping fees. The internet is an excellent resource to find the best candle suppliers plus you can compare their prices outright. Remember that there are many candle supply stores that offer big discounts for bulk purchases.

4. Start planning your selling.  There are several ways you can consider to start selling your candles. The best way to start selling your candles is by word of mouth. Meet up with your relatives, friends or neighbors and showcase your sweet smelling homemade candles. You may host a small tea party at your home and demonstrate your wonderful candles. Joining social networking sites or e-commerce sites such as Facebook and eBay can also boost the promotion of your business.  There are many e-commerce sites which allow you to open online stores for free. Also check out local craft fairs or shows which you could join to increase your market. Talk to the organizers and ask if you can be added to their notification list. You may also visit local gift shops and other retailers to sell your candle products.

Keep these tips in mind when considering starting your homemade candles business! 


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Now that you have an idea of which type of wax you’d like to use, the next step is to ensure you have all the correct equipment and supplies for your homemade candles. 


Following are some of the key supplies you’ll need. While there are high-end professional grade supplies that you can buy, you can often times find many of the tools you’ll need to get started lying around your home. I recommend that when you are first beginning that you start out with the basics before making a large investment into your supplies. Once you’ve experimented with some basic candle making equipment you can consider which, if any, professional grade supplies you’d like to purchase. 


Basic supplies needed:


Something to heat the wax in

This is an example where you can purchase professional-grade equipment such as a double broiler or use something you already have in your home. A double broiler is essential a tool which allows you to boil water in one larger container while melting wax in a smaller container placed within the larger one. You can easily make due with what you already have by using a large old cooking pot (which will heat the water) and placing another container (which will heat the wax) within it. Keep in mind that this container that you place within the larger pot will get covered in wax and will most likely have wax residue on it, so it should be used for the sole purpose of melting wax. Ideally, try to use something that has a pour spout for a clean transfer (see following photo). 


Homemade Double Broiler

A place to heat the Wax 

Your kitchen stove works fine! Just make sure to have paper towels and cleaning supplies handy for any spills! 



You can either buy wax or use recycled wax from old candles you already have. See this blog archive for more information on waxes and how to choose. Make sure you know the melting point for the particular type of wax you’re working with! 



You can use a candy thermometer, a special thermometer used for candles or any type of thermometer really; the important thing is that it can give you high readings up to 250 degrees F. 


A Wooden Spoon

This is used to stir your wax; do not use metal or plastic! 



You can purchase pretabbed and prewaxed wicks at your local crafts store or online. If you do not have prefabbed wicks, you will need wick clips in addition to the wick to tab yourself (very simple). 



To cut your wick. 


Container for your Candles

You can get creative here, but clear glass jars like the one below are a great when you’re getting started. 


Small Glass JarGlass Jar with Lid

Glass Jar


Other optional items include:

Dyes (to give a desired color to your wax)

Fragrances (to give a desired scent)

Molds (for a particular shape)

Aluminum Foil (to wrap your stove burner bowls)

Measuring Cup

A knife for trimming wax

Container for storing excess wax

Fire extinguisher (just in case!)


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